Aside from the aesthetic, and morale benefits of a clean office, Constant Clean Maid Service maintains the clean workplace that keeps you and your staff healthy.

Our skilled staff cleans and sanitizes your office with HEPA-filtered vacuums, hard surface floor vacuums, and microfiber cloths.

Not only do we leave your surfaces cleaner, we also avoid using harsh chemicals and scouring powders that leave behind toxic residue. All this means that your employees breathe cleaner air. Clean air means lower health care costs, fewer sick days, and a more productive, healthier staff.

A Healthy Staff Is a Productive Staff!

By employing Constant Clean Maid Service to clean and sanitize your office environment, you can re-duce the germs spreading throughout the office. Healthy employees use fewer sick days and lower your associated absence expenses.

The staff at Constant Clean Maid Service has extensive experience with commercial properties. We en-sure that your working environment is as clean and pleasant as possible. We can schedule our services when you need them: either during the work day or after working hours.


A clean building every time!

We go the extra mile to improve building appearance and cleanliness! We meet and exceed our own specifications.

Building security!

We bring only carefully-screened cleaning personnel into your building.
We treat your equipment, machinery and facility with respect.
We maintain absolute security with all your keys and alarm codes.
We ensure that your building is secure when we leave and to notify you or manager of any secu-rity or maintenance problems
We maintain your business confidentiality. We don’t discuss your equipment, employees, facil-ity, management or business in general with anyone else.
We perform all work with sanitary cleaning supplies and equipment, following aseptic cleaning procedures.

Constant Clean is locally-owned, with offices in Crown Point and Munster. We belong to the Crossroad-Chamber of Commerce and the Munster Chamber of Commerce. We’re rated A+ by the BBB.

What to Expect Using Constant Clean

Only Carefully Screened Cleaning Personnel

Respect for Your Equipment & Facility

Trust with Security Keys & Alarm Codes

Notification of any Security Issues

We follow Business Confidentiality

We Perform Aseptic Cleaning Procedures