1. You have better things to do with your time.

Join the ten million American households who already use professional residential cleaning services.

2. We do it your way.

After a free and easy phone estimate, we will visit your home and meet with you to better determine and finalize your cleaning needs.

3. Consistently thorough.

Your customized cleaning program is transformed into an individual work order and assigned to a cleaning team. The job of this cleaning team along with our management staff is to insure that your home is always cleaned to your satisfaction.

4. Responsible, bonded, insured and supervised personnel.

Constant Clean Maid Service is locally owned and operated and an active member of the community. Our workers are employees, not unsupervised, independent contractors. They are all screened, fully trained, insured and bonded. Your Assigned team will always show up, be neatly groomed and attired, and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.

5. We bring our own equipment and cleaning supplies.

We bring our own professional cleaning products that are effective, efficient, safe and environment-friendly.

6. We visit. We don't move in!

We always spend the necessary time and effort to clean your home. We will also work as a team using efficient cleaning methods and have a sense of purpose so as to be out of your home in a timely fashion. Our employees understand and honor the role they play in your home and will be respectful of their time there.

7. Flexible scheduling.

We develop a schedule to fit your individual needs. Weekly, Bi-weekly, monthly, any time you need us.

8. Great value. Affordable Price.

The prices we charge are honest and fair. No sales gimmicks, tricks, or hidden charges. We challenge you to find a better value for your money.

9. Satisfaction guaranteed.

At Constant Clean Maid Service, we are not happy unless you are. If you are not completely satisfied simply contact us, and we will re-clean the areas that do not meet your expectations.

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